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Pork Loin is kind of like that ex who you swear you've gotten over, but still text at 2 AM every single time you have a few too many drinks. It’s your dirty little secret.

You know you miss them, deep down in your loins. (YES, WE MADE THAT PUN.)

You might not believe it… but Pork Loin is most people’s sneaky favorite Carnivore Snax cut. It makes sense because… it’s a rich, fatty cut of meat with a deep, velvety bacon-esque flavor profile.  (Take a moment and wipe that drool from your mouth before continuing.)

Feast your eyes on those beautiful strips of marbling running through the cut. Our Pork Loin cut has the perfect "Crunch-to-Melt Ratio." It starts with a nice crispy crunch on the front-end but melts into a deep, velvety umami flavor as you finish chewing. The Carnivore Snax Pork Loin is… 

  1. Made from 100% grass-fed, regeneratively raised meat, so you're getting the healthiest meat possible and doing something good for the environment
  2. Convenient — our special cooking process lets us pack 1lb of meat into a 5oz bag
  3. Made with only 2 ingredients — 100% grass-fed meat and Redmond's Real Salt — no artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals
  4. High in bioavailable nutrients, which promote better health
  5. High in Vitamin B12 to support healthy energy levels
  6. Low-carb to support healthy body weight
  7. High-protein to help build muscle

If you want a snack that you can post on Instagram with a pretty little filter to show all your followers how classy you are… then go eat a summer salad. Because THIS AIN’T IT.

Try our Pork Loin now and find out for yourself why this is quickly becoming Carnivore Snax most popular cut.  Click the "Buy Now" button and get ready to chow down on some porky, bacon-y goodness.


"Regeneratively raised meat" is NOT some sort of artificial meat made by a guy wearing safety glasses and a white lab coat.

Regenerative agricultural practices are actually the healthiest way to raise animals and show love for the environment.

When compared to conventional farming, regenerative agriculture is healthier for the animals, the environment, and the people eating the meat (like you!).