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Due to the high demand of beef sliders this item is available for reservation. All reserved items will be shipped before being marked in stock. The estimated ship date is within 2-4 weeks. Thanks for your understanding and support :)

Want a handy, bite-sized snack that packs more protein than the 1970s East German ladies shot put team?

Meet our new range of Beef “sliders” - handy, coin-sized meat “chips” that make getting your RDA of protein a piece of cake steak.

Perfect for eating on the go, or for a post-workout snack, these keto-friendly, protein-packed treats are made of only two ingredients - 100% regenerative, grass-fed beef and Redmond real salt.

Yep, that’s it. So not only do they pound your hunger to submission…

… the high-quality meat means they taste freakin’ awesome.

Not only that, but the new smaller size makes them perfect for dunking. 

Dip ‘em in guac, sour cream, butter ghee, or even protein powder (FOR DA GAINNZ!!!).

Keep yourself fueled all day long with the finest, and most delicious 100% beef snacks you’ve ever tasted by picking up a few packs of these bite-sized treats today.


"Regeneratively raised meat" is NOT some sort of artificial meat made by a guy wearing safety glasses and a white lab coat.

Regenerative agricultural practices are actually the healthiest way to raise animals and show love for the environment.

When compared to conventional farming, regenerative agriculture is healthier for the animals, the environment, and the people eating the meat (like you!).