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It’s common knowledge amongst parents and small children alike that Old McDonald did, in fact, have a farm.

And on this farm he had some cows. And pigs. And sheep. And chickens.

The part of this story that most people don’t know is that Old McDonald also pulled a 650 deadlift without straps… had a 620 squat without wraps… and he starts off most mornings backward dragging his tractor with his teeth, like the absolute savage that he is.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

It’s not because Old McDonald likes to sun his balls… or because he’s never ingested a seed oil in his entire life.

That’s part of it.

But we think his REAL secret is the fact that he eats a well-rounded diet. And when we say well-rounded, we mean he regularly rotates his protein sources.

He doesn’t just stick to ONE animal.

So he gets a myriad of benefits from eating pork, cow, AND lamb.

Ok, ok.

So maybe we embellished Old McDonald’s morning routine and PRs a bit. But here’s the deal…

If you love variety… and if you want a healthy mix of our most powerful protein sources and full spectrum of balanced fats, then you’ve gotta try our NEWEST Carnivore Snax:

Farm Sliders

It’s got a little bit of every type of Carnivore Snax that you love… blended into our famous crunchy slider meat chip.