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Current batch uses an 80/20 grind making this slider softer than our beef and pork sliders (less crunchy).

Imagine for a second… ONE POUND of the freshest 100% regeneratively-raised, grass-fed lamb, cut into bite-sized pieces, before being crammed into a 5oz bag.

The good news is, you don’t have to imagine…

… because that’s what we put inside EVERY bag of our brand new range of lamb sliders.

Are they filling?

Well, you know the potato chip guys who say “once you pop, you can’t stop”?

Well… once you pop a few of these succulent 100% lamb meat chips in your mouth, you’ll HAVE to stop…

... as the intense levels of proteins and good fats feed your muscles and satisfy your hunger.

You see, there ain’t no weak-ass carbs, chemicals, or lazy marinades weighing down your lamb.

Our nutritious and delicious Lamb sliders are made with just two ingredients - the finest 100% regenerative lamb and a sprinkle of Redmond Real Salt.

You get what you pay for... meat.

... just grade A protein that’ll keep you energized all day long!

The best thing?

These handy bags are the perfect fit for your glove box, or your pocket when you’re out chopping down trees or wrestling grizzly bears. So grab a few packs now so you’ve always got some premium fuel, ready to go.