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Looking for a snack you can post on Insta to impress your followers?

If so, keep on lookin’… cus this ain’t that.

Looking for a 100% Pork snack that has a deep, satisfying crunch to it… before it melts into a rich, sweet, velvety texture?

Then stay where you are.

There’s a reason that Pork Loin is our best seller.

It might be because we only use the finest quality, 100% regenerative meat…

It might be because we don’t add ANY extra ingredients to weigh it down (well, OK… so we add a little Redmon’s Real Salt to make every bite even more mouthwatering)...

It might be because pork is the new KING!

I’m not sure, what I do know is that you guys can’t get enough of our loins (yep, I said it), and now, thanks to this new, bite-size pork option...

… they’re even easier to eat on the go.

Let’s face it... you’re freaking awesome. 


And with these handy “slider” packs, it’s even easier to bless your palate with the tastiest, purebred pork you’ve ever experienced.

Find out for yourself how we've made pork great again. Discover a whole new protein-packed taste sensation by picking up a few packs today!