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One time, we found a post on Reddit where someone had cooked a beautiful Leg of Lamb and shared a picture. This was the top comment:

"I would physically fistfight someone for the pink center bit! Even my own grandma."

Here at Carnivore Snax, we do NOT condone this type of behavior. We don’t believe you should have to punch your grandma in the face to enjoy some quality Leg of Lamb.

In fact, we'll even go as far as saying we are against ANY types of violence against grandmas — whether it's your grandma or someone else's.

That's why we made the Carnivore Snax Leg of Lamb.

Not only so you could enjoy this savory cut of meat on the go… but also to protect the world from Grade-A psychopaths like that Reddit commenter. (Hey guy - who hurt you?)

In addition to making our world a better place, the Carnivore Snax Leg of Lamb is also… 

  1. Made from 100% grass-fed, regeneratively raised meat, so you're getting the healthiest meat possible and doing something good for the environment
  2. Convenient — our special cooking process lets us pack 1lb of meat into a 5oz bag
  3. Made with only 2 ingredients — 100% grass-fed meat and Redmond's Real Salt — no artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals
  4. High in bioavailable nutrients, which promote better health
  5. High in Vitamin B12 to support healthy energy levels
  6. Low-carb to support healthy body weight
  7. High-protein to help build muscle

The Leg of Lamb perfectly hits the balance between crunchy and velvety. It has a rich, robust flavor. 

So if that sounds like something you're on-board with, just click the "Buy Now" button to get our Carnivore Snax Leg of Lamb today!