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What if you could take your favorite cuts of meat anywhere? (No grill required)

2 Ingredients. Meat and Salt. That's it!

Made from 100% grass fed, regeneratively raised meat

Sourced & Made in America

Zero additives, sugars, or marinades


Free Beef Sliders Included with your Order

Delivered Fast
& Fresh
USA Made
Real premium
Regenerative meat
Limited Supply
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Are these the BEST snacks ever made?

You be the judge…

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dr. shawn baker

author of the carnivore diet

Excellent Nutrition

“Great job for putting out such a fantastic product!! White Oak Pastures regeneratively raised meat and salt equal excellent nutrition plus an improvement in the environment.”

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chris bell


The Fat Melts in Your Mouth

"Imagine a potato chip made out of ribeye. That's basically what this is! I just think they are really good...it's crunchy and the fat melts in your mouth."

star star star star star

danny vega

-dannyvega, @dannyvega.ms

The Purest Ribeye Snax

“Bascially meat pastery except it’s better and without all the crap. The purest ribeye snack to fuel up on.”

"it's my favorite snack!"

You guys have really got the process nailed. The result is better than anyone else is achieving .

Joe Rogan

Who are Carnivore Snax for?

Let’s find out…

Outdoorsy Types

They’re tastier than trail mix… and much healthier, too.

Carnivore Dieters

Now you never have to choose between going off your diet… or going hungry.


Kids ate meat for thousands of years before sugary cereals and snacks. They’ll thank you when they’re older!

Fitness Enthusiasts

Protein? Healthy fats? Salt? Gains…? You better believe it.

The Problem with Carnivore-Based Diets

The hardest part of eating right is finding high quality meat once you leave your house. When you have Carnivore Snax… you’ll never have to worry about eating subpar meat, slipping out of ketosis, or ingesting processed garbage that derails your progress.

What about jerky and biltong?

The most popular beef jerky brands contain sugar, preservatives & artificial flavoring & marinades – This isn’t an option for a person who wants to stick to high-quality meat.

"They're nothing but High Quality Meat + Salt"

3 Reasons

You’ll Love Carnivore Snax

1. Crazy amounts of protein

Why eat processed bars or shakes… when you can have the real thing wherever you go? Our highly bioavailable meat is some of the most nutritious

2. No BS, No Filler.

You’re an organic human who needs organic, untainted fuel. You’ll never have to eat chemical-laden jerky or biltong again.

3. It’s like a “meat pastry”

We packed a POUND of meat into a 5oz bag and managed to lock in ALL that flavor. It’s like eating a potato chip made of your favorite cut of meat.

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"Carnivore Snax Have Been An Absolute Necessity. "

I have been carnivore for almost 10 months now. I am a widow with five kiddos and it’s extremely difficult to find the time to actually eat a nourishing meal. Carnivore Snax have been an absolute necessity.

They are rich in flavor and packed full of the fat and protein I need to push through my busy days.

I love that they are from regenerative farming practices, as I won’t eat meat that isn’t humanely raised or grain fed.

— Maddi. (Verified Buyer)

It’s like jerky or biltong...

except it doesn’t suck!

Why settle for a sub par snack?

Jerky and Biltong are kinda butthurt over Carnivore Snax. And we can’t blame ‘em.


  • uses sweeteners and marinades
  • smaller, less meat, less flavour
  • not 100% regenerative meat

Beef Jerky

  • contains 18+ grams of sugar
  • loads of unnecessary fillers
  • bad for your body & the environment

Carry Pounds Of Nutritious, High-Quality Meat That's More Fun To Eat

We could just use lots of sugar, fillers to make our meat heavier.

But we don’t

Because Just like us,

You care about your bodies, you care about the environment and you care about Taste!

  • (salt + meat ) only 2 ingredients
  • thicker , bigger, more flavorful
  • better than grass-fed. they’re regenerative
  • Nutrient-Dense Af

When you bite into one of these bad boys

the first thing you'll notice is the salty, savory flavor of Redmond's Real Salt.

Then you'll be greeted with the rich, buttery, velvety flavor of the fat.

Keep chewing, though...

Because you're not done yet.

The crescendo is coming...

As you continue to chew, all the flavors will come together in a beautiful symphony of succulent flavor as this "meat chip" just melts in your mouth.

Your legs will quake.
Your knees will shake.

Your eyes may or may not roll to the back of your head as you chew.

You’ll fall to the ground, throw your head toward the heavens and let out a cry of elation.

Time will stand still for a moment…
All your troubles and worries will vanish for one fleeting moment...

A single tear will roll down your cheek as you realize that you’ve finally found the perfect snack you’ve been waiting for your entire life.


star star star star star

Free Pork Sliders Included in Your Order

More Approvals From Carnivores

Meet Our Partners - They Make This Possible

White Oak Pastures Is A 152-Year-Old Family Farm In Bluffton, Georgia.

They practice regenerative land management and humane animal treatment. That means:

White Oak Pastures sequesters (stores) more carbon into the soil than their cows emit in their lifetime.

Their farming practices are 100% sustainable and are actually HELP the environment, unlike conventional farming practices

GET YOUR CARNIVORE SNAX TODAY 👉Free Pork Sliders Included In Your Order

Meat Will Never Be The Same Again.

Yes, they’re that good.

Thiccc Af.

It’s like carrying a pound of meat in your pocket.

Insane flavor

You’ll never settle for jerky or biltong again.


Lasts up to four months unopened… but you’ll wanna finish them in four minutes.

Good for the land

Good for the land

Leave your grill and tongs at home.

Leave your grill and tongs at home.

4 Reasons

You’ll Become An Instant Fan

Stay Fuller, Longer

Because of their purity, size and flavors you have few hungers pangs.


Kids love them, too!

Tons of health benefits

Meat IS the original “superfood”

Take them on the road!

Never leave home meatless again.

Get your Carnivore Snax NOW!

(Before we sell out again)

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