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carnivore snax is voice for meat, regenerative agriculture, and america!


Many of our customers have struggled to find snacking options for meat made without added ingredients such as, soy, sugar, celery powder, nitrates, and marinades. Outside of the vegan and vegetarian nonsense - Carnivore Snax fits into all dietary lifestyles.


1. Better than grass-fed. They're Regenerative

Agriculture that mimics natural herd movement, reverses soil erosion, stores carbon, and enriches animal life.

2. We support a 100% US supply chain

From our packaging to our meat, everything comes from the USA 🇺🇸

3. Made with ONLY 2 ingredients

NO --> soy, sugar, celery powder, nitrates, or marinades. Just meat and salt.

we don’t just care about meat we care about you and the environment

Why we source from White Oak Pastures in Buffton, GA

Zero waste management - they use ALL of the animal
Beyond sustainable -  regeneratively managed
Storing more carbon in the soil than their cows emit

Here's What People Are Saying About Carnivore Snax

“It's like a meat pastry!" - Danny Vega