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It’s kind of ironic that New York City (the birthplace of the American Vegetarian Society 🤮) is also the home to one of the world’s most beloved cuts of steak.

The NY Strip was popularized by the Delmonico Bros, who opened up their NYC steakhouse in 1837. They knew their high-class clientele desired a “finer” cut at their fine dining establishment.

And so… the NY Strip was born.

Cherished around the world for its rich, beefy flavor and sensational fat cap… it should be a staple in every carnivore’s diet.

That’s why we just HAD to get this delicious cut of beef into the Carnivore Snax lineup.

Just like the Delmonico Brothers' original intention: it’s a cut fit for an aristocrat.

So remember:

When you’re eating these, keep that pinky out. 



"Regeneratively raised meat" is NOT some sort of artificial meat made by a guy wearing safety glasses and a white lab coat.

Regenerative agricultural practices are actually the healthiest way to raise animals and show love for the environment.

When compared to conventional farming, regenerative agriculture is healthier for the animals, the environment, and the people eating the meat (like you!).