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Here's a fun, very scientific fact about cows: They're strong AF.

Seriously. Have you ever arm wrestled a cow? They win every time!  It's infuriating. No matter how much time you spend in the gym, they’ll always crush you. And for good reason. The average cow carries about 1,500+ pounds of muscle. Beat that, Hafþór Björnsson!

Cows naturally carry a lot of protein-rich muscle. They produce a ton of higher protein cuts that are PERFECT for carnivore bro’s (and bro-ettes) who are trying to make some serious GAINZ. 

The Eye of Round is one of the leanest, most protein-packed cuts of beef you can get. That’s why we KNEW we had to turn this lean, protein-packed cut of meat into a Carnivore Snax.

The Carnivore Snax Eye of Round is…
  1. Made from 100% grass-fed, regeneratively raised meat, so you're getting the healthiest meat possible and doing something good for the environment
  2. Convenient — our special cooking process lets us pack 1lb of meat into a 5oz bag
  3. Made with only 2 ingredients — 100% grass-fed meat and Redmond's Real Salt — no artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals
  4. High in bioavailable nutrients, which promote better health
  5. High in Vitamin B12 to support healthy energy levels
  6. Low-carb to support healthy body weight
  7. High-protein to help build muscle

Think of what a salty, savory potato chip tastes like. 

Now imagine if you swapped out the potato for 100% regeneratively-raised, grass-fed meat.

That's what our Eye of Round tastes like.  

So if you're looking for a protein-packed "meat chip," then click the "Buy Now" button and get this now!

Regeneratively Raised

"Regeneratively raised meat" is NOT some sort of artificial meat made by a guy wearing safety glasses and a white lab coat.

Regenerative agricultural practices are actually the healthiest way to raise animals and show love for the environment.

When compared to conventional farming, regenerative agriculture is healthier for the animals, the environment, and the people eating the meat (like you!).