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  1. Danny & Maura Vega

    "It's a meat pastry! This is the best. This is everything. Throw me on an island, I'll survive forever."

    Danny & Maura Vega,
    Fat Fueled Family
  2. Laura Spath

    "They satisfy all of my crunch cravings and don't have any carbs."

    Laura Spath

Member Benefits

  1. Sign Up Bonus

    Receive $20 in store credits you can use right away.

  2. Exclusive Cuts

    Access to the finest cuts like Wagyu, Exotic, Game, or any meats that are hard to source.

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    Invite a friend to be part of The Hunt and get $10 when they sign up.

  4. 5% Cash Back

    Earn Snax cash on every purchase. Build your bank. Cash out when you want.

Finest Member-Only cuts

1lb meat PER bag

  1. Chris Bell

    "Imagine a potato chip made out of ribeye. That's basically what it is...I just think they're really good...It's crunchy and the fat melts in your mouth."

    Chris Bell, @bigstrongfast
  2. Shawn Baker

    "Great job for putting out such an awesome product!!"

    Dr. Shawn Baker, Author of The Carnivore Diet

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  • $20 signup bonus you can use right away
  • Exclusive access to specialty cuts like Wagyu, Game, Exotic, and more
  • Earn $10 per friend you refer to The Hunt
  • 5% cash back on all orders
Robb Wolf

"I don't get dancing feet-giddy-happy very often, but this stuff melts in your mouth. It's too good to not tell people about."

Robb Wolf, Author & Research Biochemist
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