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Can You Use Seasoning on Carnivore Diet? Tips for Adding Flavor While Staying on Track

Can You Use Seasoning on Carnivore Diet?

Can you use seasoning on carnivore diet​​? If so, what seasoning can you use on carnivore diet? These are some common questions that arise when starting the carnivore diet, and we’ve got the answers for you!

With the carnivore diet and seasoning, this can vary depending on the individual. If you wish to be strict, stick to no herbs or spices as they contain plant-based ingredients, which are not permitted on the carnivore diet.

On the other hand, if you want some flexibility while on the carnivore diet, using a minimal amount of herbs and spices to flavor your meals is acceptable. The key word is “minimal,” as the carnivore diet focuses on eliminating plant-based foods and strictly adhering to a meat and animal-based diet. 

In this article, we’ll detail what seasonings are permissible on the carnivore diet, why some individuals may avoid using seasonings, and how you can keep things exciting and flavorful while eating on this diet! 

Can You Use Seasoning on Carnivore Diet?

Can you use seasoning on carnivore diet​​? Regarding what is allowed on the carnivore diet, which is primarily meat and animal-based products, many don’t initially realize that the carnivore diet and seasoning is another factor to consider, as seasoning is often made up of plants. 

Most often, the use of certain seasonings on the carnivore diet is a personal preference, though we’ll discuss why carnivore diet “purists” avoid them below. 

Why Some People Prefer to Avoid Seasonings on Carnivore Diet

So, can you use seasoning on carnivore diet​​ or not? It depends on you and your goals. Some people prefer to separate the carnivore diet and seasoning. This is to deter contradicting the benefits of carnivore diet, which include mental clarity, weight loss, decreased inflammation, and a healthier gut, to name a few. 

Out of the carnivore diet pros and cons, the thought of eating without seasoning food is a big no-no for some. We’re here to tell you that some seasonings are okay, like salt, pepper, and a few others, but straying away from artificial seasonings, like ketchup and barbecue sauce, is recommended and followed by many people on the carnivore diet as they can be full of toxic and artificial ingredients. 

What Seasoning Can You Use on Carnivore Diet?

Now that we’ve discussed some factors that can detail why the carnivore diet and seasoning are personal preferences, with some notable restrictions, what seasoning can you use on carnivore diet? Let’s dive in below!


Accepted on the carnivore diet, in moderation, of course, salt is a permissible seasoning to use while following this lifestyle change. 

Salt is not only a helpful seasoning to improve flavor while cooking meat, but it also contains minerals, like sodium, essential for maintaining one’s health. Thankfully, the body only needs to consume sodium in small amounts, though this can change depending on how much you sweat. Sodium is used in the body to maintain fluid balance, which is vital for keeping the nerves, muscles, and organs running effectively. 

Black Pepper

On the carnivore diet, black pepper is also permissible, but it should be consumed in moderation like salt. Black pepper coincides with many health benefits, including improved digestive health, cancer prevention, and potent anti-inflammatory properties. 

Certain Herbs & Spice

As many herbs and spices are derived from plant sources, many on the carnivore diet avoid consuming them. However, some choose to consume them in small amounts for seasoning purposes. If you decide to use herbs and spices to season your meat on the carnivore diet, some recommended selections include tarragon, dill, parsley, cilantro, and mustard. 

Other acceptable selections on the carnivore diet used for seasoning include butter, ghee, and fish sauce. There are also homemade options, like ranch dressing, to consider if you desire these condiments to add flavor to your meals. Commercial-bought condiments are often loaded with artificial ingredients, components that are avoided on the carnivore diet. 

Seasonings to Avoid on the Carnivore Diet

Regarding the carnivore diet and seasoning, some seasonings and condiments are not allowed. These include barbeque sauce, ketchup, tomato sauce, and commercial products like mayonnaise, ranch, and salad dressing. 

The carnivore diet aims to consume animal or animal-based foods free of plant-based and artificial ingredients. Small exceptions, such as herbs and spices, are allowed in minimal amounts, but strict carnivore diet goers will remove these ingredients totally from their diet. 

Other Ways to Improve Flavor & Avoid Bland Meals When Following Carnivore

If you’re trying to figure out how to combine the carnivore diet and seasoning without breaking the diet, consider trying new recipes that follow the carnivore diet or follow some tips from a fellow carnivore diet follower. 

Use animal-based fats like lard and tallow for cooking meat to enhance flavor. If you like heat, add some hot sauce, like Frank’s Red Hot, to spice up your meal. Consider flavorful options from our compiled carnivore diet snack list to fuel you through the day and keep things interesting and enjoyable while eating on the carnivore diet. 

Want to Enjoy Delicious Carnivore Diet Snacks That Are Pre-Seasoned With Your Goals in Mind?

The best low carb snacks, our Carnivore Crisps at Carnivore Snax, are designed with carnivore diet eaters in mind. Keeping you on track and aligned with your health and fitness goals, our carnivore diet-friendly meat snacks are seasoned with your goals. Read below to see how our meat snacks are the perfect, flavorful selection while sticking to the carnivore diet!

Why Our Meat Snacks Are a Must-Have for Any Carnivore

At Carnivore Snax, we offer the best meat snacks to satisfy your cravings, keep you on track to achieve your goals, and please your taste buds for a filling treat!

Made with only two ingredients--meat and salt--our meat snacks are made with premium ingredients, free of nasty artificial and plant-based flavors, all while boasting mouthwatering flavor. Every 5oz bag is made from 1lb of raw meat, only of the highest quality, and seasoned with salt to establish an outstandingly rich, buttery meat snack that melts in your mouth. 

Try Some of Our Favorite Varieties Today

Take your pick from some of our favorite varieties today, like ribeye chips and chicken chips, to fuel your workout, or your day, with protein-packed snacks. Only containing two ingredients, meat and salt, our meat snacks, such as pork chips, beef chips, and steak chips, coincide with the carnivore diet while boasting the freshest and most impactful flavor without additives. 

Grab a taste of our lamb chips, made with Redmond Real Salt and Grass-fed Lamb, free of artificial flavors, marinades, and preservatives. This selection of lamb meat has been regeneratively raised in the USA, overflowing with a robust and rich flavor. Like BBQ, snag our brisket chips for a healthier and appetizing alternative.

Our blog teaches how to maneuver the carnivore diet on a budget to receive the benefits of mental clarity, a healthy gut, and reduced inflammation. We also answer questions, like how much to eat on the carnivore diet, and provide tips on how to start the carnivore diet so that you can get the most out of the carnivore diet from the start! 

Final Thoughts on Using Seasoning on Carnivore Diet

Can you use seasoning on carnivore diet​​? If you can, what seasoning can you use on carnivore diet, then? In this article, we’ve answered all your questions on what is acceptable for seasoning food while eating on the carnivore diet!

If you’re wanting to go gungho to get the absolute most out of the carnivore diet, refrains from herbs, spices, and condiments (though homemade ranch dressing and mayo is acceptable).

Most commonly, salt and pepper are the most basic seasonings used to flavor meat on the carnivore diet, in minimal portions, that’s why Carnivore Snax has established out-of-this-world flavorful meat chips made with only two ingredients, meat and salt, so you can still savor incredible taste while sticking to the carnivore diet to receive its outstanding health and fitness benefits.

Receive the benefits of the carnivore diet while relishing in outstanding taste with Carnivore Snax today!

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